Stop Struggling to Get Your Team to Log Work in Jira

Timesheets are completed or user is locked out of Jira

Enforce company time tracking policy in Jira

Don’t discover at the end of the reporting period that only 40% have logged their time

More accurate time tracking, more often

End inaccurate time logging done too late to remember what actually did. Welcome detailed work logs divided properly between projects.

No more pushing to fill out timesheets

Reduce administrative time when managers stop chasing down employees. Nobody likes to nag or be nagged.

Fewer frustrated customers

“Doesn’t look right” invoices to customers stop when time and work match.

Our Features

Easily define and enforce clear time tracking policies

Require time tracking enforcement for some or all users in a few clicks.

Jira users must enter their time

If violate the time policy core Jira functions are blocked until their time is up-to-date.

Account for holidays

If Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are holidays these days are not counted in the past 7 day requirement.


Completely hands-off. Establish a policy and users will automatically be locked out of Jira until they log their time.

Different time tracking policies for different teams

Most of the team is in United States, but there are team members in Canada. So team members by location can have different policies depending on their holidays.

Don’t get burned come audit time

When time tacked is questioned by internal audits or the IRS/tax authorities it creates work or worse. Lower the chances of being audited.

Worry Free capitalizable project tax claims

Protect yourself and your company by having the records in order if the government ever questions your capital costs.

Accurate estimating and budgeting

When you know more accurately money spent per project and by who you have a better ability to plan. Worse when done after the fact.

Customize the time tracking policy

When you know more accurately money spent per project and by who you have a better ability to plan. Worse when done after.

What Jira Users are saying about Time Tracking Enforcer

“The plugin is a near perfect match for our needs. Jira is the center of our universe so the inability to use it is great encouragement to keep up to date. Thank you!”

Kevin Vaughn

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